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Our dream is to build a learning community for change leaders, men and women, who are called to bring their feminine wisdom and leadership to life.

Why change leaders, you will ask?

Because as long as we will associate leadership with masculinity, women will not start from pole position.

Women Who Support Women Are More Successful.

A woman alone has power; collectively we have an impact.

Traditionally we have been taught to be competitive with one another because there was such a scarcity of jobs at the top. It’s so clear that strategy doesn’t work. The truth is that raising each other up and channeling the power of collaboration is truly how we’ll change the equation—and have a lot more fun along the way.

We are better together.

An event dedicated to all women and men who understand the power of Feminine Leadership and want to become stewards of this movement.

Speakers announced soon

Price: 20€

All the benefits will be allocated to a program to empower girls in developing countries. 

The program "CHICAS PODEROSAS" is designed and implemented by NPH.

Both Patricia and Roxana are volunteering at NPH, so you will receive updates about the program you are supporting directly from the source.

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Past Events

Events: Past Events

FLT #1: Embracing new opportunities

After last Thursday, Roxana Dobrescu and I are feeling happy and proud that our 1st Feminine Leadership Talks event finally happened! It was really appreciated by the participants, and on top of that we raised money for the "Chicas Poderosas" program lead by Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos™ . Thank you all for buying a ticket, even if some of you couldn't even participate, you know you are contributing to a great cause:)

We discussed feminine leadership, the meaning, how important it is that we (men and women) start not only talking, but doing. There were lots of concrete questions that stimulated debate. And most important of all we learnt lots of very important points from our speakers. Here you have some:

-We are Human Beings not Human Doings

-The concept of Emotional Safety

-You have to step on other people's shoes (Empathy), but you also have to be comfortable on your own shoes (Authenticity).

Simona Tiplea, MBA, Marta Martinez, Daniel Rodriguez Nieto, Vanessa Tassell, Silvia Vigatà, Andrei Golesteanu, Miriam Rodríguez González, Marta Gabriel-Lop and Xavier Adsara Grau THANK YOU!!! Without you this would not have been possible!

Stay tuned for the next edition! We are already working on it....


Feminine Leadership Talks #1 Embracing N
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